A workshop designed to defamiliarize the engagement of RISD students with their RISD ID Cards. The possession of RISD ID Cards offers reputation, access and privileges that only a handful of individuals get to experience. RISD students use their ID Cards on a daily basis, and only when the card no longer work or is lost that they start appreciating its existence.


Most participants were pleasantly surprised to receive the envelope with six copies of their ID card in it. The fact that the information was obtained and reproduced without their knowledge made some participants feel unsettled, with many of them nervously giggled as they opened the envelope.

The overall process provided a surreal experience as each participant’s identity, information and reputation are no longer confined into one single card; instead, they are duplicated into six equally distinctive and arguably powerful RISD ID cards.

By trying to recreate and essentially forging their own cards into one non-functional copy, the participants are taking away the uniqueness and the authority that was granted to their original ID card. 
The special connection established through the unique wear-and-tear appearance of the original card got forged and became defamiliarizing to its owner.