How design makes sense of so much stuff? An archive of series of notes written by a busy RISD student.


Initially, notes was a difficult topic to make an archive about because notes tend to be quite intimate and personal and is not easily understood by everyone.

To solve this, I sorted out my notes and categorised them. I discovered that most of my notes, with many of them written during my time at RISD, were to-do lists and day-to-day reminders. These notes also received the most reactions from my classmates, who also took similar classes, had heavy workloads and wrote plenty of to-do lists of their own.
I summarised and represented these notes through a piece of kinetic typography that portray the act of writing a note, of setting a goal (”Start DS”*) and not always being able to follow through with it (which is why many people keep writing notes). It is a repetitive but comical loop that viewers, particularly students at RISD, can easily relate to.

The animation was projected onto an actual post-it note, with text that appear inside the note is what I have done, and the text outside of the note is what I need to do.

*DS, short for Design Studio, is one of the core studios required for a Graphic Design students at RISD. It is a dynamic and exciting course but is also the bane of existence of many RISD GD students.