Motion Design                      Typography

For my animated poem, I decided to reveal the poem line by line to build up the suspense. Since the poem consist of dark imageries and had a controversial context, I chose dominant visual languages (time countdown, red and white on black, circular elements, lens, etc.) to encapsulate the budding mysteries and suspense that surrounds Sylvia Plath’s infamous death and the impact it had on Frieda Hughes’s life. The circular lens effect was used to mimic the feeling of being inside “the Bell Jar”, a concept popularised by Plath and her novel of the same name, with timers counting down the days and years up to Plath’s death. Some of the lines were animated to reflect its own content, such as the ending line, where the words flicker like lights in a Broadway show.
Animated logo & poem.

Type 2                                   Spring 2017                                      John Caserta
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