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The project explores the portrayal of narrative through a visual medium, and how design can help distil a story to its essence. For this project, I chose to narrate the plot of Anne of Green Gable through a series of looped animation. 
The series portrayed Anne Shirley's life story, from her younger days of being sent from one orphanage to another, to Anne as a mature, loving schoolteacher who continued to inspire generations of readers all around the world.   I chose phenakistoscope because this medium was developed around the same time period that Anne of Green Gables took place in the novel (1860s), when electricity and moving images has not been invented. This project portrays the life events in Anne’s life using a method that was invented closely to her actual time period, with colourful and imaginative illustrations that resonate with Anne’s lifestyle and philosophies. The looping mechanism of phenakistoscope is used to reinforce my interpretation of Anne as a zealous and inspiring girl who has lots to give. Regardless of how far she goes, how old she is or how many names and personalities she adapted throughout the years, she remained the lovable girl that was mistakenly (and humorously) adopted since day one.

A series of spinning phenakistoscope.

Design Studio 2                                                                       Spring 2017                                                                            Richard Rose
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